Subsidised Desexing

Local desexing programs in the Northern Rivers NSW

Local desexing programs

A large proportion of animals that are abandoned and come into NRAS care are due to unwanted litters. Dogs can become pregnant from as early as 6 months and cats, from 4 months of age.

One way to stop the high volume of surrendered and abandoned animals is to educate people on responsible pet ownership and DE-SEXING.

For this reason, NRAS provides a Subsidised De-sexing Program through its Vet Partners for those suffering hardship, illness or difficult personal / financial circumstances. 

Please contact one of our SDS Vet Partners to discuss if you qualify for a subsidy voucher or send us a message.

NRAS Subsidised Desexing & Vet Partners in the Northern Rivers

Alstonville Veterinary Hospital

Phone: 6628 5262

Ballina Vet Hospital

Phone: 6686 4889

Casino Vet Clinic

Phone: 6662 2488

Central Vet Clinic, Casino

Phone: 6662 6661

Keen St Vet Clinic, Lismore

Phone: 6621 9811

Racecourse Road, Ballina

Phone: 6686 9333

Vet Love, Ballina

Phone: 6686 7416

Vet Love, Goonellabah

Phone: 6625 1311

Send us a message

If you are going through a rough moment and you need to desex your pet, we can help you out. Please fill out the form and we will be in touch soon.